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't? in industries like manufacturing and energy, they're using predictive analytics to detect signs of trouble helping some companies save millions on maintenance, because machines seek help before they're broken. and don't when they're not. that's what i'm working on. i'm an ibmer. let's build a smarter planet. >> osgood: gus here is a shelter dog, a chihuahua jack russell mix. who is to say that a dog's life has to be a dog's life when it comes to food? certainly not the folks our rit a braver has been talking with. >> reporter: if you think gourmet food is just for people, you haven't met margaret bishop and her five dogs. >> they're my family. they're some of the most important relationships i have in my life. >> reporter: so she lovingly serves them special meals made from flash frozen raw food. she buys it directly from her neighbors, norman and carol king of marshal, virginia. who sell it right from their front porch freezer. >> you let loose a cat or a dog in a grocery store or a supermarket, they're not going to the pet food aisle. they're going for that raw meat. in the butcher count
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)